Occupational Health:
Assessment and Rehabilitation

ALAMA Autumn Conference · 16-18 November 2016

Occupational Health: Assessment and Rehabilitation is the conference that takes on board the work we OH physicians deal with in our day to day professional lives and offers new and effective options for dealing with the challenges we face. The programme includes many relevant topics including PTSD, HAVS as well as looking at Cancer Care in the Workplace and Innovations in Professional Development and Education.

We have consistently high evaluation feedback. These are the results from the evaluation we took from the Autumn conference we held in Bristol last November.

  • 100% of respondents thought the ALAMA conference was an effective learning opportunity
  • 97% considered networking as an important aspect of the conference
  • 97% thought the balance of the programme was right
  • 96% felt the conference was good value for money
  • 97% were likely to book again
  • 99% held the opinion that the conference was excellent or good
  • 100% considered the organisation of the event excellent or good

Value For Money

The full package fee for ALAMA members of £660 is excellent value for money with 17 CPD points (tbc) it equates to £38 per point and includes two nights accommodation in a 5 star hotel and our conference dinner at the spectacular Monastery. We are often told that there is an immeasurable value gained from networking with like-minded professionals whilst attending an excellent programme.

The conference will ensure we have the very latest information at our fingertips and the understanding to operate at our most effective and efficient. It is an essential opportunity for those wanting to be right up to date on clinical and procedural issues and who aim to provide the highest standards in patient care and management.


The programme includes:

  • Complex mental health cases
  • Treating personality disorders in the work place
  • Neurological disorders
  • Special interest sessions
  • PTSD
  • Neuropsychological testing and its interpretation
  • An update on the Chester Step Test and new fitness assessment strategies
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
  • The Fit for Work scheme
  • Cancer care in the work place
  • Innovations in professional education, training and validation
  • Ophthalmology
  • New ways of assessing for respiratory disease
  • Update from Health & Safety Executive
  • Cardiology
  • Ethics and confidentiality
  • Legal update


This key event is an invaluable resource for occupational health professionals. It offers excellent value for money and we have applied for 17 CPD accreditation points (TBC).

  • Wednesday 16th November – 5 Points
  • Thursday 17th November – 8 Points
  • Friday 18th November – 4 points

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