Conference Programme

WEDNESDAY 13 March 2019



Occupational contact dermatitis, surveillance, data and interesting cases

Dr Jason Williams Director of the Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit. Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.


Haemato-Oncology New Diagnostic and therapeutic frontiers

Dr Salim Shafeek Consultant Haematologist & Clinical Director Haemato-Oncology (Worcestershire Oncology Centre), Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust Hospital (Teaching)


Coffee Break


Implicit bias and Healthcare Contexts: research and remedial strategies

In this presentation, we outline some of the recent research on implicit biases most relevant to healthcare contexts, and the best understandings of what can be done to combat implicit biases. We also address the legal context in which concerns about discrimination due to implicit bias arise.
Dr. Jules Holroyd and Dr Tara Lai Quinlan


Extended Lunch


Assessing the risk of suicide

A practical guide to assessing the risk of suicide in patients with depression and other mental health problems.
Dr Sanjith Kamath Consultant Psychiatrist, Executive Medical Director at St Andrew’s Healthcare


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Essentials

A quick review of the essentials of effective CBT, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych).
Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin Consultant Psychiatrist


Coffee Break


IVF treatment: Navigating through and recent advances

Dr Jayaprakasan



THURSDAY 14th March 2019

An integrated model for building resilience

In a working world filled with wellbeing programmes aimed at reducing stress and improving morale, many of us are just enduring work rather than enjoying it. To really solve the problem, we need to work upstream of the symptoms and learn (or just remember!) how to build our resilience and thus handle the pressure. This session will explore an integrated model for building resilience, looking at three factors: cognitive, behavioural and relational; and exploring key elements within each. You’ll leave with practical ideas that can be quickly implemented to start rebuilding your own, and other’s resilience.”
Mr Jonathon Rees


Raising the profile for RSPH

Kiran Kenth Director of National and Regional Programmes for the Royal Society for Public Health


Coffee Break


Overview of the work of PHE, and relevance to occupational health colleagues

The presentation will provide an overview of the current work and role of the organisation, the future direction of travel and resources and support relevant to occupational health colleagues.
Katie Spence Deputy Director for Health Protection


Occupational Health on Cruise Ships

The cruise industry is a growing sector of the travel and leisure sector. Managing the occupational health needs of the expanding, multi-national workforce across many continents and health care delivery systems can be complex. The speaker will look at current issues in cruise ship medicine, the regulatory framework and some of the challenges of delivering quality occupational medicine in this quickly evolving maritime sector.
Mr Stephen Williams Director of Air Medical Operations, REVA Air Ambulance



ALAMA 2019 Annual General Meeting




Overview of HSE’s current strategic priorities

An overview of HSE's (Health and Safety Executive's) current strategic priorities and the issues that are being seen from an occupational health perspective.
Dr Steve Forman Consultant Occupational Physician and HSE’s Principal Medical Adviser


Fun with Dangerous Chemicals

This talk will hopefully educate and engage using examples of dangerous chemicals in the context of hazard and risk in the occupational and wider environmental setting. It is not for the squeamish!
Dr Bob Jefferson Medical Director – Occupational Health Europe International SOS


Comfort Break


Sickness Certification: The Meaningless Formality

Why schemes that purport to measure and validate sickness and disability are futile, and how they misallocate society’s financial and emotional capital – which is finite – away from the most sick and disabled people.
Dr Adrian Massey


How to learn from a workplace outbreak: Where science and practice meet.

The identification and investigation of an outbreak of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in an aircraft parts factory
Dr Laura Crawford


Conference Dinner at Hotel

FRIDAY 15th March 2019

Grenfell and Other Incidents

Mr Aldo Diana Fire fighter with 26 years experience in London Fire Brigade


Police OH and a National Police Wellbeing Service

A new National Police Welfare Service will be launched in April 2019. This session will describe and explore the components and look at implications for occupational health services.
Professor John Harrison Specialist in occupational medicine


Coffee Break


LA Presentation

Dr. Philip Johnson


Legal Session

Diana Kloss Professor Diana Kloss MBE is a barrister and former employment tribunal judge


Conference close

Packed lunch / refreshment

NB. Programme subject to alteration

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