Occupational Health:
Risks and Resolutions

ALAMA Autumn Conference · 18-20 november 2015

Occupational Health: Risks and Resolutions is the conference that takes on board the work we OH physicians deal with in our day to day professional lives and offers new and effective options for dealing with the challenges we face.

The programme focuses on risk in its many and varied forms and the practicalities of finding resolutions. Risk; be it clinical, legal, H&S or management, be it perceived or actual, be it the physician’s, the employee’s or employer’s, will be analysed, assessed, unravelled and the road to resolution found. The danger will lie in not attending... Dare you risk it?


  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Legal Risk / Legal Update
  • Managing Diabetes and Obesity in the Workplace
  • Managing Sleep Disorders in the Workplace
  • Mistakes - The Human Factor
  • Naval Medicine
  • OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders in the Workplace
  • Pensions Ombudsman and Occupational Health (TBC)
  • Perception of Risk
  • PTSD Rehabilitation and Reintegration
  • Radiation
  • Risk: Striking the Balance
  • Shift Work - The Impact on Employee and Employer
  • Special Interest Sessions: Fire, Local Authority and Police
  • Upper Limb Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Work Related Driving

This Programme has been designed to feature situations which confront many of us in our day-to-day work and to deliver a comprehensive update on the latest clinical evidence, research results and legal opinions. It will also provide an invaluable opportunity for colleagues to discuss and report on their own experiences, network with, and learn from, like-minded professionals from across the UK and beyond.


Speakers include leading academics and key medical specialists to ensure we have the very latest information at our fingertips and the understanding to operate at our most effective in providing the highest standards in patient care and management. Learn more about the Speakers at this event


This key CPD event offers excellent value for money and has been allocated a total of 16 CPD accreditation points, split:
Day 1 - Wednesday 18th November, 5 CPD points
Day 2 - Thursday 19th November, 7 CPD points, and
Day 3 - Friday 20th November, 4 CPD points.

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